Design Expo 2016

Big thanks to everyone who made #designexpo2016 possible, especially our fantastic guest speakers, Rolf Nelson, Skye Leung, and Ramsey Ruelas, terrific workshop instructors Bobby Cerda, Odunze Oguogo, and Veronica Vaughan, and the financial support of UTA Student Congress!

Thank you to Chris Acoustic including Tawni Schurman for the live music and InVision for allowing us to show their film Design Disruptors!

Thank you to our hardworking Committee Members, both AIGA Dallas Fort Worth and Dallas Society of Visual Communications for sending their Vice Presidents, Loryn Michelle and Ramsey Ruelas, and the continued support our AIGA UTA faculty Veronica Vaughan and Seiji Ikeda.

Thank you to the UTA Visual Communication Design – VCD department and our brave Mission X Control contestants.

And of course thank you to all the active Visual Communication students who help make UTA a positive and engaging design community!